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Summary of the underdog SV story: SV provides eco-options, limited edition active wear products with your name on it.

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On average limited edition clothes are sold 10 to 20 times more than it’s actual cost. When you break down the reasons for this we can see that there are many middle position-holding companies who gets a piece on each stage. For these reasons price of the final product increase substantially and push people to buy on quantity-based products. Sunday Value provides opportunity to get limited edition, personalized with eco-options product for a fair price.
The vision is to go 100% green in the industry, which is one of the most harmful for the environment and create a standard for other companies. When we break down the facts the logic behind making clothes is based on quantity and questionable quality materials to make the biggest profit at any cost, even if it hurts environment or client itself. However, there are all reasons to choose sustainable products, since it contributes to your activities without harming your skin, health and environment.
Mainly for these reasons we were struggling to find unique, personalized active wear products, which would look good, function well and would have eco-options. That is why we decided to introduce our underdog active wear line.
Sunday Value aims to create quality, personalized products, designed and handmade specifically for you. Our special SV limited edition collections contain of 365 pieces only. This let's us concentrate on creating luxury touch and at the same time helping our clients to perform in sports as well as in the daily life on the highest possible level.
Personalized Sunday Value collections
We want to know you - we want to know your name! So do the rest of Sunday Value community who wears our products proudly with their name on it. Show the world who you are and what you believe in.
The main principles
Becoming part of the SV community means that you value quality, environment and self-development.

The main goals
Eventually provide 100% eco-friendly, sustainable products.
Embrace every day hero mentality.
Always choose quality over quantity.
Compete against yourself daily.

How does it work?
We do the heavy lifting for you, meaning that we provide colour variations for each unique design, with latest technology fabrics and we hand make them after you order it. This makes the product original with your size, colour, design, name and piece number. Only 365 people enjoy one-collection variations.

Size guidelines
SV Special and Standard
Please refer to the product description.
19 Dewlane Drive, North York, M2R 2P7, Ontario, Canada. Company no: 003170253
Email: info@sundayvalue.com

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